Ignite BHB
Ignite BHB
Ignite BHB
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Ignite BHB

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IGNITE BHB is made with the only ketones approved by Informed-Choice.org. BHB is a direct, carb-free energy source to help fuel mind and muscle performance.

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  • Description

    How Does IGNITE BHB Boost Athletic Performance?

    IGNITE BHB acts as a unique fuel source and also changes the way your body uses its other fuel reserves during exercise and other physical activities.

    A Unique Fuel Source: When taken pre- or intra-workout, IGNITE BHB is 28% MORE efficient as a fuel source than taking carbohydrates alone. This means that your your body does more work with the same amount of oxygen.

    Interaction with Other Fuel Sources: When you take IGNITE BHB, your body slows down the need to breakdown the carbohydrates stored in the muscle and from blood sugar during exercise. When carbs are depleted, your performance begins to suffer and you ‘hit the wall’. IGNITE BHB, when taken with carbohydrates, extends the duration of your workout so you can maintain a higher level of performance.  

    PRO TIP: Taking IGNITE BHB with carbs will not only help you maintain high-intensity and superior performance while training but you will also be taking advantage of the appetite suppressing and cognitive enhancing effects of ketones.

    Intra and Post Workout Recovery

    IGNITE BHB also has the unique ability to hope your muscles recover during rest periods when you are training. Taking IGNITE BHB post-workout has been shown to expedite the re-synthesis of glycogen (by 60%), protein (by 2x), and allow faster recovery.

    Regardless of type of sport - Crossfit, weight training, endurance training or mixed - taking IGNITE BHB helps you get the most out of every rep, every set and every training session.

    When to Use IGNITE BHB

    Before Your Workouts

    IGNITE BHB is a perfect blend of BHB salts that will take your workout to the next level - improving energy, strength and endurance. IGNITE BHB will help you make extreme progress and continue to grow as an athlete!

    At Work or School

    Do you lose focus when at work or school? Do you have a big report or presentation that you need to get ready for? IGNITE BHB is not only great for improving athletic performance, but BHB has been shown to be a terrific source of stimulant-free energy and enhance cognitive performance.  And unlike with coffee bingeing and smashing energy drinks, you won’t experience crashes!

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  • Ingredients

    Ignite BHB Supplement Facts

  • How To Use

    Ignite BHB Usage

    SUGGESTED USE: Mix 1 scoop of Ignite BHB with 12 - 16 oz. of water. May be consumed between meals to suppress appetite, or whenever increased physical and mental performance are desired. Do not exceed 6 scoops per day.

  • How To Stack

    How To Stack Ignite BHB

    Use only as directed. Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant or use prescription medications. For adult use only.

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