GOAT Pre Workout
GOAT Pre Workout
GOAT Pre Workout
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GOAT Pre Workout

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Voted the #1 Tasting Pre-Workout, GOAT delivers mind-blowing pumps and sustained energy to fuel your most intense training sessions.

We don’t use proprietary blends. You won't find any under-dosed ingredients here. If you're tired of the same junk filled, horrible tasting, white-labelled pre-workout supplement from China with a different label slapped on the bottle then you've come to the right place.


Deliver Every 4 Weeks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Description

    GOAT - The Only Pre Workout Loaded With Physique Enhancing Ingredients

    Stop using under-dosed, junk-filled pre workout supplements. We spent years researching and developing a pre-workout that contains clinically dosed ingredients that actually enhance your physique. 

    GOAT delivers mind-blowing pumps and sustained energy to fuel the most intense workouts AND it tastes so good you’ll want to keep drinking it (which we don’t recommend for safety reasons).

    Let us begin by saying this is a supplement that we never thought we would develop...

    The "Pre-Workout Pump" market is full of the same junk filled, horrible tasting products that are just the same white-labeled, pre-manufactured product from China with a different label slapped on the bottle. There is a pattern that we’ve noticed in the pre-workout market. Either a product contains good ingredients but tastes TERRIBLE to 99% of the people that buy it OR it contains junk ingredients and is loaded with artificial sweeteners to make it taste good.

    With that said, if you’re like us, when we workout we love having a ton of non-jittery energy, strength, endurance and feeling a “pump” when we workout...I mean, who doesn't? 

    There's no better feeling than having the energy and focus to CRUSH your workout. GOAT contains combination of proven compounds that continue to deliver awesome workout after awesome workout

    I’ve taken plenty of crappy pre-workouts that just make me sick and i made no progress at the gym. I’m glad my trainer recommended GOAT. Now I’m back on the GAIN TRAIN. If your preworkout sucks then, you can all but forget about making killer progress anytime soon…

    Daryn Defranco- San Jose, California

    For the past 2 years, we've been drinking all sorts of preworkout “concoctions” before each workout. We tried a bunch of the “latest and greatest” ingredients from some of the best suppliers around. They were all backed by “animal” studies, had lots of “promise” and we saw that the ingredients were being used by a lot of other companies. Guess what? These ingredients did nothing for us or our friends at the gym. After reading REAL reviews on these other products, customers came to the same conclusion. BUNK. You see, supplement companies do this all the time. They use these new “specialty” ingredients for a while then they switch it up with the next “big thing”. It’s pure marketing and 100% BS! 

    Let us stress again, we were just trying to make something for us to use that contained clinically dosed ingredients we KNEW worked and TASTED AMAZING ...

    Before we knew it, we were supplying half the gym, and many of my Internet friends, with bags full of our product... 

    People would always approach us and they'd comment on how much better our physiques looked and would ask us what we were drinking, ask if they could "try it"...then they simply couldn't "train without it” and kept coming back for more. Even our wives were hooked on this stuff! They were getting TONS of attention and complements on their progress. A few of them even went on to compete at and WIN local bikini competitions.

    We didn't have a name for this drink originally, but it quickly became known as "GOAT" because it was the GREATEST Pre Workout that people have ever tried. It literally made everyone crush their workouts, have crazy pumps, and long-lasting energy 

    Needless to say people were on our case and literally harassing us to sell it in larger quantities. There are TONS of products out there, so initially, we wanted nothing to do with it. But that changed when we started to see how many people it helped.

    "People DO Need This."

    You might be saying to yourself, "Why not just use one of the 3,000 pre-workout or energy drinks already on the market?"

    Excellent question because we all were taking other products. Carbonated drinks, powders, all loaded with God knows what. Doing nothing would have been MUCH easier than all of this, but in a nutshell, here's why...

    99% of pre-workout supplements are loaded with underdosed ingredients that do the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to do!

    If you’ve purchased a preworkout in the past 5 years you know it’s true...

    ...Companies have gotten LAZY...

    They load their product up with insane amounts of caffeine (which damage your nervous system and tax your thyroid) and Beta Alanine because “you feel it working”. Then they sprinkle in a totally ineffective dosage of a SUPER EXPENSIVE “branded” ingredient to justify the price.

    This is just typical supplement marketing hype at the expense of your health.

    When it comes to pre-workouts, MORE DOES NOT MEAN BETTER!

    ...After all, we were told by a large supplement company that a “supplement facts” panel that you find on the back of a label “looks sexier” than a label with just a few ingredients. He told us to forget about how well it works, it’s all marketing. Then he went on to talk about “margins” and said we should add even more ingredients and not tell the customer how much we are using!? AND this is totally common in the “supplement” industry! GTFO!  What we learned from these big companies and manufacturers is that if you buy a typical preworkout you're not only paying for underdosed ingredients but they replace those ingredients with nasty fillers as well! 

    So why do these companies do this? It's simple really...

    Companies can make “claims” when they use “branded” ingredients. Legally they shouldn’t because they arent’ using the dosage used in the study. People don’t check though. These things aren’t regulated and for these big brands - cash is king. And, the consumer has been trained to think "more is better"...so you are fooled into thinking you are getting more active ingredients than you really are


    Branded ingredients are great… but ONLY when used in the clinically tested dosages. (Even then, most of these tests are done on lab animals so their application has little relevance to humans.) Supplement companies are smart though. They will put all of these fancy logos on their packaging and cite all of these studies EVENTHOUGH their product ONLY contains a FRACTION of the proper dosage.  I don't understand this, but it seems that people don’t read past the citations, when it's obvious that the ingredients are added in such miniscule amounts they wouldn't even have an effect on an ant! So these guys are more than willing to take advantage.

    I guess it makes easier to buy a product when you think "Wow, this product contains 6 patented ingredients, the results are going to be insane!"

    Well, the majority of the ingredients listed are there in trace amounts, meaning that the chances of it working for your are SLIM to NONE. But hey, the label looks sexy right? Ladies and Gentlemen, you are more intelligent & demand more than these companies give you credit for. PLEASE STOP falling for the fluff, window dressing BS.

    Ingredient Synergy is KEY

    The biggest factor in why our formula has helped tons of people is in synergistic effect of our formula. G.O.A.T doesn’t  contain just a bunch of ingredients randomly thrown together.

    Combine the correct ingredients in the correct amounts and you truly get mind-blowing results! 


    L-Citrulline 4,000 mg

    L-Citrulline is a “must have” ingredient in a pre-workout. L-Citrulline plays a key role in the production of important enzymes, arginine levels, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health. Because it helps to improve blood flow, increases endurance, and improves cognition, just about any athlete or gym-goer will likely notice improvements when they start taking a supplement that contains Citrulline on a regular basis.

    Who can benefit from L-Citrulline:

    • Endurance athletes (cyclists, runners, etc.)
    • Strength athletes (weightlifters, bodybuilders, etc.)
    • Those who enjoy the look of an enhanced post-workout pump
    • Those who need help recovering faster from their workouts
    • Those who want to feel focused and sharp, even without taking caffeine

    Citrulline mainly works for these individuals by helping to promote vasodilation (the widening of the blood vessels). Widening the blood vessels helps increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. This helps to promote better performance, more cellular energy production, better post-workout recovery, and better pumps after your workout is finished.

    Citrulline supplementation may also help to support better blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, can help you to feel sharper, more energized, and more focused during your workout. 

    Citrulline also increases the rate of ATP synthesis during exercise as well as phosphocreatine (CP) recovery after exercise.[1] An athlete’s inability to rapidly generate ATP will lead to premature fatigue and that quintessential feeling of "hitting the wall" during training.

    Caffeine 200 mg

    Caffeine belongs to the family of methylxanthine compounds. It's able to stimulate the CNS, while also stimulating contractility of skeletal muscle directly and this may partially be due to the release of catecholamines such as norepinephrine.

    Caffeine has the benefit of fighting fatigue and drowsiness; enhancing the flow of thoughts; increasing alertness and improving intellectual efforts along with producing euphoria or a sense of well-being in some cases. [2-5].

    In terms of specifics, at the cortical level, caffeine is also thought to promote increased wakefulness or vigilance, via adenosine receptor antagonism, causing stimulation of cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain and reinforcing inhibition exerted upon sleep-promoting GABA neurons. The stimulant effects are exerted directly upon the cerebral cortex, medulla oblongata, and spinal cord.

    ...Most companies will justify using a lot of caffeine because you “feel it” & it’s cheap

    G.O.A.T.’s ingredients are perfectly blended for an awesome synergistic effect...

    This is one area where G.O.A.T. truly separates itself. It's not just a ton of caffeine thrown in so you can "feel it."

    Betaine Anhydrous 300 mg

    Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, are gym veterans or an advanced athlete, Betaine anhydrous provides many benefits and is a key ingredient in G.O.A.T.  Research has confirmed that when properly dosed, betaine can increase strength and endurance. It also speeds up muscle growth and helps with weight loss. It also has the advantage of lowering the level of lactate, which effectively delays muscle fatigue. This allows athletes to train longer and more intensively 

    The primary benefits of  betaine anhydrous include: [10-15]

    • Increased power output
    • Increased capacity to perform anaerobic work
    • Increased energy levels
    • Promotes cellular hydration (similar to creatine)
    • May reduce LDL cholesterol/blood lipids
    • May help reduce body-fat tissue (needs more conclusive research)
    • May be beneficial for athletes and trainees looking to improve their state-of-mind

    In recent year, betaine has been tested in many clinical tests aimed at its use in athletes. One of the first studies was conducted at Connecticut University in 2010. It was found that athletes who took 1.25 g of betaine twice daily increased their strength by 25% and muscle by 20%. It was also confirmed that betaine significantly increased factors affecting protein synthesis in muscles compared to placebo.

    One of the latest studies focused on the effects of betaine on athletes was conducted at the University of Springfield. For 6 weeks, two groups of athletes performed a periodic strength training program. One group received 1.25 g of betaine twice daily and the other group received placebo. The results suggest that the beta group had increased muscle mass by 1.8 kg and hand size by 10%. At the same time, they managed to reduce body weight by 3 kilograms. The placebo group experienced no muscle gain or weight loss. 

    Betaine supplementation also lowers the level of nitric oxide, thereby helping to regulate the volume of cellular fluids. This process promotes the “pumping” of the muscles and overall muscle growth. 

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 400 mg

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is an enhanced form of the amino acid L-Tyrosine that offers greater water solubility, for increased absorption in the body. Consuming Tyrosine prior to training will increase dopamine and adrenaline release which improves exercise tolerance, motivation and focus. [16]

    Alpha-GPC 200 mg

    Alpha-GPC (Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine) is extremely effective in enhancing mood, feelings of wellbeing, and cognition (specifically memory recall). Alpha-GPC directly bolsters mental processes at the cellular level by strengthening the inner membranes of cells, replenishing the phospholipid outer coating of cells, and improving the communication between cells.  

    Huperzine-A 5 mg

    Arnold Schwartzenegger used to always refer to the “mind-muscle” connection when training. He said that “ Creating a DEEP connection between mind and body” was one of the keys to building his physique. Now, not everyone wants to be huge like Arnold, but regardless of your fitness goals the science still applies. If you can improve that connection and improve muscular contractions you will get better results. This is the benefit of Huperzine-A and why we included it in G.O.A.T.’s formulation.

    Huperzine-A works mainly by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which normally breaks down acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a critical neurotransmitter that allows nerve signals in the brain to connect. So having more of it available makes for faster and better synchronized nerve conduction, which leads to sharper brain function and clearer focus, as well as better memory and cognitive performance. 

    Acetylcholine is also a critical neurotransmitter for muscle contractions. It’s the chemical that is released from the ends of the nerve cells that control the muscle fibers. The release of acetylcholine signals the chemical reactions to take place in the muscle that lead to a muscle contraction. By having more acetylcholine available, nerve impulses to the muscles are faster and better synchronized, and can better withstand fatigue. This results in stronger muscle contractions and less central nervous system fatigue, meaning you are stronger in the gym and can maintain that strength for longer.

    Combining Huperzine A with Alpha-GPC has a synergistic effect on the mind-muscle connection.  The Alpha-GPC provides more acetylcholine, while the Huperzine A prevents breakdown of the acetylcholine. This leads to higher levels of acetylcholine than can be achieved by taking just one or the other. This combination can lead to increased muscle strength, better muscle endurance, and enhance mental focus in the gym.

    Real Salt™ 100 mg

    Real Salt is an unrefined ancient salt that is more rich in trace minerals than Pink Himalayan Salt. Real Salt is the only pink sea salt mined in America and has been since 1958. It comes from an ancient seabed deep beneath Central Utah that has been protected from pollutants for millions of years.

    Why Use Real Salt Pre-Workout?

    When you want muscles to become more engorged, increased sodium intake (in the form of salt) will drive more fluid into your blood system, helping to pump up muscles. We found that by adding this premium form of sea salt into our pre-workout, we got CRAZY muscle pumps that lasted hours after our workouts. 

    The other benefit of adding salt to our preworkout drink was to replace the electrolytes that we lose when sweating and kept us hydrated leading to almost no muscle cramps before and after training.

    Taurine 100 mg

    Taurine has been shown to contain properties that assist in the regulation of muscular contraction and force during strength and aerobic activity. In particular, Taurine acts to increase muscle force production and enhance fatigue resistance from severe high intensity exercise by increasing the efficiency of the heart (stroke volume) and maintaining cell volume (osmoregulation).

    Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime. Taurine can assist in maintaining muscular performance and intensity during exercise, allowing you to train and compete harder for longer. , increased sodium intake (in the form of salt) will drive more fluid into your blood system, helping to pump up muscles. 

    How Does G.O.A.T. Taste?

    If we could use one word to describe our flavors...RIDICULOUS!

    I can’t tell you how many pre-workouts I’ve tried that have been utterly disgusting. It is mind-boggling how some companies can sell products that taste so bad! I mean, did they even try the product or have anybody else try it before giving the green light on production!? Most of the pre-workout drinks on the market are tolerable at best...

    ...In addition, most drinks require you to mix it with 16-20oz of water. Have you ever tried to workout with a bunch of water sloshing around in your stomach? It’s not fun. That’s why we wanted to create a product that tastes AMAZING that  requires only a minimal amount of water. You only need 4-6oz of water and it is probably the best tasting pre-workout drink you will ever drink! 

    With mouth-watering Rocket Pop & Juicy Watermelon flavors that mix easily and go down smooth, you'll be shocked it's as good as it is - you’ll want to mix up another serving!

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  • Ingredients

    GOAT Pre Workout Supplement Facts

  • How To Use

    GOAT Pre Workout Usage

    To determine tolerance, begin by taking 1 scoop mixed with 4-6 oz. water 20-30 minutes before training for increased energy, pump, focus & endurance.

    After personal tolerance has been assessed, take 1-2 scoops 20-30 minutes before training. Add 4-6 oz. of water for each serving.

  • How To Stack

    How To Stack GOAT Pre Workout

    • IGNITE BHB: For muscle recovery, endurance, and increased fat burning (intra-workout)
    • TAMAFLEX JOINT SUPPORT: Maximum Joint Support & Protection
    • ELECTROLYTE POWDER: To perform at your best you need to replace lost electrolytes
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